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Structural Insulated Panel


  • Residential
  • Single Family Homes
  • Single Family Tract Homes
  • Townhomes
  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Offices
  • Offices & Warehouses
  • Educational
  • Elementary Schools
  • Junior High Schools

  • Special Schools
  • Gyms & Athletic Buildings
  • Vocational Training Centers
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Pre-Schools
  • High Schools
  • Government
  • Miscellaneous Government Buildings
  • Military
  • Military Housing
  • Military Offices
  • Miscellaneous Military


  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Year-Round Production
  • Rapid Capital Turnover
  • Units Arrive 80% to 90% Complete
  • Solves Labor Shortages
  • Reduces Overheads

GPA-GPE understands 21st century construction demands technology that will:

  • Conserve Energy

    The material GPA will use is among the most energy
    efficient construction components available. These
    buildings will save 40% or more on heating/cooling
    costs and the associated precious energy and fossil fuels.

  • Preserve the Environment

    Reduced fuel consumption
    means fewer greenhouse gases. This product uses no
    increasingly scarce lumber from shrinking forests.
    It contains no CFCs or formaldehyde, which could harm
    the atmosphere of your home and the planet.

  • Safeguard Your Family

    This product produces buildings
    that are resistant to earthquake and class 5 hurricanes,
    to fire, to water damage (rot, mold, and mildew), and to
    termites, rodents and other pests, keeping your family
    safer from the forces of Mother Nature and her creatures.
    It releases no compounds or allergens associated with “sick” buildings.

  • Less Cost Prohibitive

    The panels are price competitive with other
    building materials, but erect much faster, substantially
    reducing construction costs. The material components of a
    building can remain nearly maintenance free almost indefinitely,
    saving dramatically on upkeep over time. In addition, the reduced
    energy for heating/cooling means lower upfront costs on equipment,
    and most importantly, continued long-term savings on energy,
    which of late is becoming more and more critical.

  • Schedule

    Pre-insulated! No need to purchase additional insulation and improves schedule.Pre-fabricated & precut when delivered to the jobsite: save 20-30% on framing labor and time.
    Electrical is installed 20-30% faster which also improves schedule.Jobsite waste reduced from pre-cut panels — saves approximately 30% on waste costs and time to dispose off waste.
    Predictable STRAIGHT engineered product is plumb & square every time = faster install for finish work. Doors/windows/millwork: no bowed lumber = straight walls for faster doors/window/millwork install. Floors: level floors and walls = no need to shim!
    House is dried in faster, subs can start sooner — fewer wasted “crew” days.No roof venting required in low slope roofing and faster roofing installation work.
    Buildings & Houses are FINISHED faster! Less interest paid!!

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